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OK I spent all nite thinking this theory up so here it goes. Dumbledore had James' Invisibility Cloak because he was planning to use it to make Invisibility Socks. We all know the old man can make himself invisible without the cloak, but I bet he can't make his socks invisible. Remember from Book 1? Dumbledore saw socks in the Mirror. He was going to cut up that cloak and make himself some Invisibility socks.
I need to get some more podcasting gear and am considering this.
Today I am so annoyed it's retarded. I had to vacuum the living room 20 times just to get the image of Tammi and Floyd sitting together in the cafeteria out of my head. They were my best friends. Now I have nothing but animosity for them. I don't need this baloney, I have too much math homework to finish to deal with that. Right now I'm listening to the theme song from The Facts of Life and all it's doing is making me more annoyed. Floyd can go disappear forever for all I care. I feel like I am completely the only pearl among the oysters of life, and dressed only in the tears on my face. I'm gonna IM Debbi and see if she wants to hang out at the 7-11 before I start calling someone names.
I haven't been up to much these days. I've just been staying at home waiting for something to happen. My life's been dull these days. I haven't gotten anything done these days. So it goes. Eh.